Defining the way forward!

Founded on the principles of servant leadership and innovation, Onward LLC is defining the way forward to make your business better.

We find solutions, develop the plans and recommendations, and will provide guidance that you need to make your business the success that you and your stockholders expect. We work with you to maximize your personnel's potential and to increase the morale of your operation through improved communication and team building activities. We approach projects as a team and use multiple perspectives to build the solution that is right for you. 

Onward LLC is a Houston based consulting firm specializing in SEMS & Regulatory Compliance, Inspections, HSE Training, Performance Coaching and Facilitation.

What sets us apart? - Our belief in people. If you believe what we do, we can help make your operations successful. Your problems are our opportunities. Your goals are our focus. Your success is our satisfaction. You are the reason we are here. 

Our Vision

Be the leader of innovative solutions that provide safe and effective operations throughout the world.


Our Mission

To continuously improve the working environment and safety of personnel every day. 


Our Location

Business Hours

  • Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm