Onward's Compliance Assessments are a great tool that can be utilized on and offshore. From drilling rigs, platforms and land rigs, workers tend to become complacent and overlook the issues and dangers that can create unsafe work habits and safety violations. Our teams provide a fresh set of eyes and a natural curiosity that will help your personnel identify potential hazards. These assessments vary in length and scope depending on your operation or facility but the value that they add can be truly life changing. 

Compliance-based Assessments:

  • Coast Guard regulated equipment
  • Component corrosion
  • Electrical wiring/boxes
  • Grounding
  • HAZCOM labeling

Facility Documentation Assessments:

  • OSHA/Coast Guard regulated documentation
  • Pre-BSEE inspections
  • BSEE regulated documentation such as SEMS documents, pressure/level/temperature testing, etc
  • Internal and Third Party Audit preparation

Health, Safety & Environmental Assessments:

  • Safe Work Practice reviews and GAP analysis
  • Safety culture and human element initiatives
  • DROP's programs
  • Housekeeping and potential issues of non compliance
  • Egress and open hole barricades
  • LOTO

Procedural Compliance Assessments are based on observations of actual testing being performed.