Onward LLC is a company that provides fit-for-purpose services and solutions to a wide range of industries with focus on regulatory compliance in Oil & Gas. With a dedicated team to drive efficiently through operational strategies, leadership, and communication, Onward provides our clients with the tools to assist in their development of a positive safety culture. 

Onward consults on each project with an approach that is completely tailored to the clients needs. New regulations, change in market placement, ineffective policies and procedures, high incident rate, new business partnerships, employee dissatisfaction: are all areas that Onward consults and succeeds in.

SEMS & Regulatory Compliance services include continuous onsite facilities management and monitoring of SEMS compliance, audits, pre-BSEE inspections, and bridging documents (written and validated). Our SEMS services also include but are not limited to:

  • Management System Consulting
  • Pre-startup Safety Reviews
  • Analyze impacts and trends
  • Record and evaluate incidents/near misses
  • Generate incident reports
  • Investigative guidance and assistance
  • Change management procedures
  • Train employees and contractors

Management System Validations will ensure that your system is operating in the way that you designed it to. It is important to verify that the work you put into creating the system is reaping dividends. Our teams will analyze your written systems to identify possible gaps that could cause you headaches down the road. They will then perform on site observations to meet with the people actually using the systems every day to identify opportunities for improvement. Once this analysis and visits are completed, our team will brief you on their findings and recommendations. These validations are an in depth look at the processes and procedures that you rely upon to complete your operations in a safe and effective manner.