Material coordinators who are employed in the Oil and Gas industry, have a variety of duties that put their skills to the test daily. Materials coordinators are responsible for a broad range of duties related to inventory management and the oversight of products and materials. They inspect and record shipments of products and equipment and may also handle the processing of maintenance requests and work orders. We asked Nathan Lord, our Operations manager, a couple of questions about the role and what it entails.

What does a Material Coordinator do?

What is the general day to day role of material coordinators?

Maintain accurate inventory of onsite materials; maintain awareness of available stock within fleet and shorebase; coordinate with shorebase with estimated loadout times and ETAs for materials; coordinate with department personnel with inventory and maintenance cycles of critical components; coordination with OIM, Team Leads, and planner/schedulers of upcoming operations & maintenance program material requirements

What kind of experience do they need and qualifications?

Structured organizational skills; detailed oriented; excellent time management; SAP inventory management experience (or similar program); SEMPCheck preferred (or similar program); client focus to build and maintain purchasing relationships;

What are their key roles?

Maximizing efficiency within the onshore to offshore supply chain to support offshore operations at primary assigned facility and support fleet operations by maintaining communications with cohorts.

What makes a good one?

Proactive personality to maintain awareness of facility requirements ahead of timeline. Possesses an attitude of continual improvement to refine processes. Much of the “we need…’ or “order this for / by…” happens verbally. and no matter the amount of pre-planning…ASAP orders regularly occur. Good ones can get an email sent for the initial ordering info, great ones an listen and infer the required info. Minimizing the “back-and-forth” prior to placing orders is important.

Onwards Material Coordinators  

Offshore operations demand flexibility. Onward Consulting provides Materials Coordinators who adjust to your project demands. Specialized projects like shut-ins and necessary facility construction require focused attention to assure goals are met and disruptions are kept minimum. Our dependable and experienced MatCos ease shared burdens, streamline operations, and most importantly actively participate to reduce costs, safely.

Onward Consulting provides your projects with team members who seek to cultivate effective management / facility / supply chain relationships to guide operations to meet and exceed project goals.

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