Here at Onward Consulting, we have highly talented and trained staff working in HSE roles across the Gulf. For this reason, we wanted to introduce a couple of them and show the internet more members of the Onward family. Over the course of the next couple of weeks we will be spotlighting our wonderful consultants here on our blog page and all over our social media accounts. We have asked them a series of questions about their work and personal lives and compiled their answers into this short blog post. Enjoy!

Spotlight image to illustrate the employee spotlight

To kick off our employee spotlight we want to introduce Greg Edwards! Greg has been working in the Oil and Gas Industry from July 21, 2000, and has been working with us as a Health, Safety and Environment advisor (HSE) since 2019. Greg enjoys woodworking, SCUBA diving, deep sea fishing, and working on his beautiful 1957 Chevy.

To start off the questions, we asked Greg a couple of things about working at Onward Consulting. An important aspect of life for us is having positive success stories at work. When we asked Greg about this he said,

“I’ve been called upon to fill in or help out at other facilities because I’ve made a good name for myself with many of the Company Reps. It feels good to be requested to come on their jobs.”

Additionally, every consultant we hire here at Onward is specifically chosen because we believe they can go above and beyond in achieving our client’s goals, mitigating safety concerns, and carrying out flawless HSE procedures. We asked Greg to tell us about a time he made a positive impact at work:

“I was requested to go to a dive boat and take over as the safety rep due to the boat having a few different close calls and injuries by the project manager. After going to the vessel and engaging with the crews we were able to identify and mitigate the reasons these guys were putting themselves at unnecessary risk.”

Greg went on to talk further about his experiences and highlighted the importance of engaging with stakeholders and creating important work relationships that foster trust. His favorite thing about working here at Onward is our welcoming culture that allows individuals to constantly seek for new opportunities and new ways to develop their skills.

“Just because you were hired to do one job, it does not mean you’re not able to cross train and do other jobs as well with Onward”.

This quote from Greg ties in very well with the key piece of advice he had to give for anybody starting in this worldwide industry and specifically for future HSE advisors starting with Onward in the Gulf of Mexico. Greg believes that the best way to succeed is to be flexible and learn everything that you are able to because Onward gives you the opportunity to do both of those things and make the most out of your skills and knowledge. This rounds off all but one of the questions we had for Greg. We hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we did and if it inspired you to continue your HSE career with us here at Onward, make sure to contact us by visiting our careers page here.

Greg Edwards, our HSE advisor in work uniform on the rig.