It has been almost two months since our last employee spotlight, highlighting some of our fantastic employees and consultants here at Onward. With big developments happening to our company and with fall being well and truly upon us, we wanted to continue our wonderful spotlights and create even more insight on the working culture and life here at Onward. You can have a read over some of those here!

The Onward employee we are spotlighting today is a member of our management team who needs no introductions, but we will give him one anyway. Ryan Courtney has worked in the Oil and Gas Industry for 16 years. He is our Business Development Manager, in charge of maintaining accounts while finding new clients and employees. He is always looking for our next division and opportunities to help us grow. Ryan has been with us here at Onward for 8 years and outside of work he likes to golf, fish, and play billiards. Before we get to some of Ryan’s advice for employees and insight into the company, we asked him what one of his funniest moments whilst working for Onward where and this is what he told us,

“While working in Trinidad, some co-workers and I went to grab a bite to eat. We had a cab take us from the hotel to the restaurant. After dinner I climbed in the back of a car that looked exactly like our cab. I asked him to take us to the Hyatt. He lifted his hands in fear and asked me to please get out of his car. When I got out my co-workers and our real cab driver were crying laughing.”

As with our past employee spotlights, such as the one with Greg Edwards which you can find here, we always want to know from these interviews what our employee’s most positive thing from working at Onward is. The culture, the safety measures, and the training are all things mentioned before. Ryan spoke highly of the freedom each of us is given to create. He had the luxury of bringing on a new service line and getting 100% buy in from our team. That’s something that doesn’t happen every day and is a true testament to the culture here at Onward. On top of that, Ryan added further praise to our culture by stating that,

“Everyone gets involved and there is very little confusion on each other’s responsibilities. We all know each other’s strengths and lean on one another when needed.”

Starting at a new company can always be a daunting experience at all levels. However, Ryan gave advice for those starting with us. His key point for new starts would be to show us their strengths immediately as we have been known to create positions for employees when needed. If you are interested in working with us here at Onward follow this link. At Onward, we enjoy taking part in a variety of events from charity golf tournaments with OHH, to some fantastic programs. Ryan was fortunate enough to work with Talos Energy and provided food through the Second Harvest program for Hurricane victims. Events like this are both rewarding and allow us to work with a great group of people.

With the up and down swings of the oil and gas industry and the addition of Covid into our world, life has been challenging. However, when speaking about the future of our company, Ryan believes that our continued and future success is due to the fact that we continue to grow and look for new faces to join our team. We will be around for a long time and will only grow more and more every year. We hope you enjoyed this read and want to leave you with what Ryan believes makes Onward unique!

“While with Onward I have transitioned from sales and sales manager to being more involved in the operations and day to day inner workings of the company. That has given me the experience and confidence to take on this ever-changing Oil and Gas industry. Here at Onward we all wear many hats. Our personnel, much like our management, are constantly evolving. Most of our employees have worked several different positions over the years and always welcome new challenges. That’s what separates us from the average oil and gas contract company.”

For more about us here at Onward and if you are interested in contacting us follow this link.