Personnel & Direction

Onward consists of a highly qualified team whose mission
is to find solutions for all of your personnel needs.

Onwards Values Are the

Differentiator in Our Industry

We are independently owned and therefore able to be extremely flexible and maneuver in ways our competitors cannot.

The majority of our team are employees not contractors. Our people are valued team members, not numbers. We recognize that if our employees are valued and feel valued,  they in turn go above and beyond for our clients. Not because it’s what is expected but because they want to.

“Our vision was to build a company that genuinely cared and invested in our people. We highly encourage our employees to cross-train, enhance their skill sets and grow both personally and professionally. We want them to be empowered and driven to care about our clients as much as we do.
Guess what, it works!”

Nina Spencer Vice President

Helicopter Landing Officer
Robert Sheninger, Vice President - HSE

Providing quality HSE support for offshore projects in the Gulf of Mexico provides some unique challenges since it is difficult to justify full-time headcount for work that is cyclical in nature. Talos Energy must source competent personnel who can provide HSE support for construction, drilling, well work and P&A activities utilizing a talent pool that understands our expectations as well as that of our regulators. Onward fulfills this niche need for us by providing highly qualified HSE advisors for long-term projects, as well as those that may pop up at a moment’s. HSE and compliance provide our license to operate in the GOM and it’s reassuring to know we have partners like Onward providing us the peace of mind this is being adequately addressed.

Robert Sheninger, Vice President - HSE

Ryan D. Taylor - Manager, Global Offshore HSE & Regulatory

Onward Consulting is a trusted resource and partner to Murphy. They provide impeccable support to our offshore production and drilling and completions activities. Onward has a proven track record of having in-depth knowledge and dedication to Murphy’s needs and requirements, as well as their ability to support us with 3rd party assessments. Over the last year, I have personally experienced the exceptional service and support Onward has to provide. I would highly recommend reaching out to Onward Consulting to see how they can assist your business either with their highly experienced personnel and extensive knowledge of safety and environmental management systems or providing subject matter experts for audits and assessments.

Ryan D. Taylor - Manager, Global Offshore HSE & Regulatory

Pat Watson - Retired Deepwater D&C Operations Manager

For over 10 years, Onward has been a trusted provider of expert SEMS support and guidance both in-house and offshore. Their team consists of highly trained and knowledgeable personnel that understand our operations – not just the paperwork that goes with it. As the offshore regulatory landscape has changed tremendously, Onward has worked with us to keep our operations efficient and fully compliant. We have partnered with them in other areas such as clerks, HSE and material coordinators and have experienced the same high level of service.  BSEE has been highly impressed and complimentary of what Onward does for us.  Onward keeps all documents filed, scanned and have the necessary data ready when BSEE inspectors arrive.   Our BSEE audits of our SEMS have always been great from the Drilling and Completions group mainly because of Onward’s oversite and assistance with compliance to our SEMS processes.

Pat Watson - Retired Deepwater D&C Operations Manager

January 13, 2021 Nathan Lord

Beyond Outward Behavior

Over the past few decades, organizational safety programs have migrated towards a behavior-based structure.  While the goal of these programs is geared towards a safer environment for employees evidenced by lower incident rates and reduced severity, the success of these programs is contingent on a consistent core commitment.  The most successful organizational safety programs recognize […]
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