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What is HSE in Oil and Gas?

The petroleum industry makes use of many different activities in all the sectors of the business cycle: from upstream to downstream. Oil and Gas services company’s management apply HSE policies to all levels of operations and in all sectors. Health, Safety, Environment are separate issues, each with its own technology, but they are often combined in the same functional groups within the oil companies.

What is an HSE advisor?

Involved in the day-to-day operations of an oil rig, an HSE Advisor is one of the most important person on a drilling team. Also known as safety advisors, they are always expected to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. In most cases, these jobs are filled by a petroleum or mechanical engineer who has extensive experience in drilling and safety operations.

What is an HSE Manager?

This role is responsible for the overall management, development, and maintenance of effective, Health, Safety and Environmental programs, including managing compliance and directing the development, deployment, and continuous improvement of environmental, health and safety management systems across company operations.

HSE Culture and Implementation

HSE culture is a number one priority in the oil and gas sector as the way of formulating and addressing the reasonable applicable reduction of related accidents, fatalities ,losses( both time and property), and occupational health.

Successful implementation of HSE best practice policy takes time and commitment from the entire oil and gas organization and can significantly improve environmental performance and minimize the environmental destruction that occurs as a result of oil and gas exploration and production. Thus, sustainable development and effective running of HSE practices can provide ongoing environmental benefits, cost savings, and contribute to building an attractive work place culture.

What do we do here at Onward?

Onward Consulting understands that operational safety begins first as a personal commitment. Our HSE advisors aim to foster safe work relationships through diverse operational experience creating a comprehensive view while scrutinizing finer details often overlooked. Our methods uphold the core values of your safety program, not just checking boxes.

Our services

Onward Consulting’s methodical, well-trained and qualified personnel perform the following services:

  • Hazard Identification: including JSA and SOP integration
  • Incident Reporting and Root Cause Investigation
  • Daily Field Auditing of Personnel, Equipment and Relevant Documentation
  • Assisting in the Development and implementation of DOT, OSHA, and EPA Compliant Programs
  • Identifying and Implementing Safety and Environmental Training Needs
  • Champion Corporate Safety Initiatives and Behavior-Based Safety Program.

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